Waste Management Current Affairs - 2020

CPCB issues guidelines to handle COVID-19 treatment wastes

On April 20, 2020, the Central Pollution Control Board has issued guidelines to manage waste generated during treatment of COVID-19 patients. The guidelines are to be followed by sample collection centres, isolation wards, quarantine centres and also by all biomedical waste treatment facilities and disposal facilities. These guidelines have been issued to supplement Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Highlights of the Guidelines

  • The Heath care facilities with isolation wards need to use color coded bins to collect the medical waste. They should stick to the Bio Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016
  • Isolation wards should use double layered bags to collect biomedical wastes.
  • A dedicated bin labelled “COVID-19 Waste” should be used. These bins should be kept separately and should be disinfected with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution.


The CPCB has clarified that quarantines are places where the suspected cases of quarantine homes and quarantine camps are placed. The wastes collected from these places are to be disposed under Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Asian Development Bank to invest 100 million USD in NIIF

On March 30, 2020, the Asian Development Bank announced that it is to invest 100 million USD in National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF). The investment during an economic slow down is a great boost for the Indian Economy.


The National Investment and Infrastructure Funds were set up in 2015. The main purpose of the fund is to aid Greenfield and brownfield projects in the country. When an entity is to use the benefits of the funds, the Indian Government invests 49% and the rest has to be raised from third party investors.

The NIIF makes it mandatory that the funds shall be invested in the areas such as transportation, energy, water, housing, waste management.

Major funds of NIIF

There are three major funds under NIIF. IT includes Master Fund, Fund of Funds and Strategic Investment Fund

Master Fund

This is an infrastructure fund. These funds shall be used in core infrastructure sectors such as ports, road, power, etc.

Fund of funds

The fund of funds shall be used on affordable housing, green infrastructure and infrastructure services. These funds are availed only to fund managers who have good track on infrastructure projects

Strategic Investment Fund

This fund is registered under SEBI. These funds focus on green field and brown field investments.