Water Conservation Current Affairs - 2019

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Jalamrutha Scheme of Karnataka

The government of Karnataka has launched the water conservation scheme Jalamrutha. The scheme focuses on drought-proofing measures, including protection and rejuvenation of water bodies.

About the Scheme

  • The scheme will be implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj of Karnataka.
  • Under the scheme, scientific approaches will be deployed for water budgeting, water harvesting and water conservation through the use of geospatial data, satellite imagery, topographical and geological data.
  • The scheme is community drive and will be implemented by key line departments of the government, Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and private sector institutions.
  • The water conservation strategy under the scheme comprises of four components viz. water literacy, rejuvenation of waterbodies, creation of new waterbodies as well as the development of watersheds and afforestation activities.
  • The scheme will operate on a four-tier institutional structure with planning and execution committees being set up at village, taluk, district and State levels.
  • A State-level committee headed by the Chief Minister will be established for strategic monitoring, convergence, policy and programmatic guidance and the committee will design water conservation strategies for the State in consultation with all stakeholders.

Emphasising on water conservation the government of Karnataka has announced 2019 as the ‘Year of Water’ to emphasise the importance of water becoming a scarce commodity and the need to conserve it.

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Gujarat Launches Second Edition of Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan

The government of Gujarat has launched the second edition of the water conservation scheme Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan.

Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan

  • The scheme aims to deepen water bodies in the state before monsoon to increase storage of rainwater to be used during times of scarcity.
  • The scheme involves cleaning and desilting of riverfronts.
  • Sprucing up of Irrigation canals.
  • The state government has increased its financial contribution for the scheme to 60 per cent, which meant private groups getting involved would have to give only the remaining 40 per cent.

During the first edition against its anticipated target of 16,616 works of deepening of ponds and lakes across the state, 18,220 works were accomplished. The first edition witnessed an increase in the water storage capacity of more than 11,000 lakh cubic feet rainwater through different sources like ponds, reservoirs, check dams, bori bandh and other.

The desilting had also generated a huge amount of loose/soil or clay which can be used by farmers to increase agricultural productivity.

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