Western Ghats Current Affairs - 2020

Fejervarya goemchi: New frog species named after Goa

Scientists have identified a new species of frog called Fejervarya goemchi in the highland plateaus of the Western Ghats parts of Goa. It has been named after state of Goa where the species is discovered. It was identified using combination of morphology, geographic distribution range and molecular methods to distinguish from other Fejervarya species found in  South and South-East Asia.

Fejervarya goemchi

Fejervarya goemchi are large-sized terrestrial frogs. They sit next to water bodies making calls to attract females for mating and breeding. Though most of these frogs are terrestrial, they need water bodies to survive. The new species was found in high elevation areas of laterite plateaus, temporary water bodies and paddy fields of Goa.

Malvi’s adder’s-tongue fern: World’s smallest land fern discovered in Western Ghats

Researchers have discovered the world’s smallest land fern named Malvi’s adder’s-tongue fern (Ophioglossum malviae) inAhwa forests of Western Ghats in Gujarat’s Dang district. Ferns are seasonal and mostly grow with first monsoon rains. They are not very common even in the locality they are found in.

Key Facts

The fingernail-sized fern belongs to group known as adder’s-tongue ferns, named after their resemblance to snake’s tongue. Its size is just one centimetre (the most similar adder’s-tongue fern is 10 cm tall). Its minuscule seeds (called spores) has unique thick outer layer which is not present in similar species. It is differed from similar ferns in not just size but also in other complex fern features too.