WHO Current Affairs - 2020

Asian Development Bank Sanctions 4 million USD to members to contain Corona Virus

The Asian Development Bank is to provide 4 million USD to member countries in Asia and Pacific to contain COVID-19, the Corona Virus. The fund is being allocated for buying emergency supplies, assessing health systems, improve resilience and respond to animal human disease outbreaks.


The main objective of fund allocation is to strengthen immediate response in China, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. The bank has also sanctioned special loan of 18.6 million USD to China to enhance distribution and supply of protective equipment and essential medicines.

Global Threats

Outside China, the virus has spread to Iran, Italy and South Korea. More than 84,000 people in 56 countries have been infected. So far 2,900 people have died because of the virus.

Economic Downfall

The Global stock markets are facing steep falls. This is mainly because of travel bans and international business meetings being cancelled and postponed. The World is stepping towards weaker phase as compared to 2008 financial crisis. Therefore, it is essential for international banks like ADB to step in to sanction loans.

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India ranks 77 on sustainability index and 131 on Flourishing Index

On February 20, 2020, WHO, Lancet and UNICEF together released a report titled “A Future for the World’s Children”. According to the report, a new Global index has been included in comparing performance of child nutrition, education and sustainability.

According to the report, India ranked 131 in flourishing index and 77 on sustainability index.


The report says that India has improved in health and sanitation. However, it has to increase its spending on Health. Around 180 countries were compared in the report. The parameters of comparison included child survival, child wellbeing, health and education, sustainability, child nutrition.

Key Findings of the report

Because of stunting and poverty, around 250 million children in low- and middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching their developmental potential.

Best and Least Performers

The children in countries such as Republic of Korea and Netherlands have best chances of survival. On the other hand, Chad, Niger, Somalia and Mali were the least performers and face very bad odds.

Current Scenario

The report has named USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia as the top 10 highest emitters. Norway, Netherlands and Republic of Korea emit 210% more than the target set by them towards the per capita target of 2030.

Major Issues

According to the report, the poorest countries have to do more to support their children health and ability. They have to spend lots towards their children health in order to provide them healthy lives. This disproportionately is affected by the carbon emissions from rich countries. The issue overall is threatening lives of all children.

The current scenario is capable of crating devastating health consequences such as malaria, malnutrition and Dengue. Along with this the threats from heat waves and rising ocean levels are also high.

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