World Current Affairs - 2020

Ebola reaches US

Ebola virus which has claimed many lives in African nations due to lack of proper treatment and medication has now reached soils of United States of America. A patient who has recently travelled from Liberia on September 19, reached US on September 20. He was completely healthy at the time of his travel but developed symptoms of the infection after 4-5 days of his stay. He has been admitted to a Dallas hospital.
Authorities have kept his identity and the details of mode of infection secret. There were no media briefing about the treatment that is being administered to him. The patient has been kept in ICU and in isolation. He was on a family visit to US and has been moving freely ever since his arrival. Even after the apparent symptoms of the disease, he still had contacts with some people before he was put in complete isolation. The authorities are finding ways to pick out these contacts. Even the health crew who transported the patient has also been kept in isolation. The authorities also confirmed how many other patients the ambulance carried after the transport of Ebola infected person. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has duly stressed that there is no risk to public health and as all procedures were properly followed to decontaminate the ambulance. However, how far and wide the patient travelled in Dallas before being diagnosed is yet to be probed and checked to rule out any public health hazard.

Dr. Frieden finally added that “the bottom line here is that I have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of Ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country”. Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever, which can affect multiple organ systems in the body and is often accompanied by bleeding. Early symptoms include sudden onset of fever, weakness, muscle pain, headaches and a sore throat, each of which can be easily mistaken early on for other ailments like malaria, typhoid fever and meningitis.
Ebola is spread by direct contact with someone sick with the virus. That means people on the patient’s flight are not thought to be at risk, as he did not begin to show symptoms until several days after arriving in the United States, Frieden said.

Catalan’s independence dreams-unconstitutional: Spanish Court

The call for independence via a referendum in November in one of the most powerful region’s of Spain has been put on hold by the nations’s top law court. The recent turn of events took place when the Spanish government decided to file a case against the constitutional validity of the move which was taken by some anti-national elements. The usual legal process puts a big question mark on the feasibility of the referendum happening in November. The court which will hear both the sides unanimously to approve the referendum may take months or years to come to a legal outcome for the same.

The referendum which was led by Catalonian regional leader Arttur Mas, has been termed as a blow on the Spanish unity and thus simply unconstitutional. The action by the central court was instigated by the open public comments made by the Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy who said that the referendum poses a ” grave attack on the rights of all Spaniards”. The 1979 Constitution of Spain only allows the Spanish to vote for sovereignty of the nation and no part of population should vote against it.

The PM Mariano Rajoy after a series of emergency meetings with the cabinet came to a conclusion that the Spanish Constitution calls for indissoluble unity of the Spanish state and this should not be compromised under any condition. Catalan politicians have been pushing for similar demands since a long time. The regional government at Catalan is said to be gearing up for the vote and have started informing public about the same. The Catalan leader Artur Mas has insisted on going ahead with the vote but has also insisted on keeping the same within the legal framework. The government it is said to have presented the proposal of mutual talks with the Catalan leaders to listen to their set of demands and woes and act accordingly.