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Michael Blake, Oscar-winning ‘Dances With Wolves’ writer passes away

Michael Blake, the Oscar-winning writer of ‘Dances With Wolves’ novel passed away in Tucson, Arizona, after a long battle with cancer.  He was 69.

The novel Dances With Wolves after adapted into movie in 1990 was a major hit and had earned Blake an Academy Award (Oscar) for the screenplay.

The movie had won seven Oscars including Best Picture category. For his script of movie he also had won the WGA Award and Golden Globes.

Dances With Wolves was Blake’s best known novel and over 3.5 million copies were sold and was translated into 15 languages.

Michael Blake also had written several other novels that passionately advocated for many causes, including literacy, Native American history and the disappearing of wild horses in the West.

Some of his famous novels include The Holy Road, Airman Mortensen, Marching to Valhalla, Indian Yell, Twelve The King. His autobiography is Like A Running Dog, which had detailed his career in writing and Hollywood.

He was born in North Carolina and lived with his family in Texas before settling in southern California.

Writer, director Philip S. Goodman passes away

Philip S. Goodman, an American film, television and stage writer, producer and director passed away on 2 May 2015 in New York, United States.

He was best known for directing the drama film We Shall Return (1963), which starred Cesar Romero.

Goodman was born on February 20, 1926 in New York City. He had graduated from Brooklyn College and the University of Southern California (USC).

During World War II, he had served in United States Army from 1944 to 1946.

He had written for numerous television series of the 1950s and 1960s such as Profiles in Courage, Rocky King Detective, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and Johnny Staccato. He also had directed plays at the Actors Studio.

He also had written three episodes of National Educational Television’s “Our Vanishing Wilderness in 1970 which was one of the first series on television to focus on environmental issues.

Apart from writing for TV series and films, he also had directed TV commercials for Coca-Cola, RCA, Revlon and Rheingold beer, among many others