Tamil Nadu disagrees with centre’s Three Language Policy

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami is not seen in agreement with the recently launched centre’s three-language policy proposed by the Union government in the National Education Policy 2020. In a press release recently, the Chief Minister was found stating that the state will never allow the Centre’s three-language policy rather the state will continue with its dual language policy of Tamil and English.

History behind

In 1968 Dravidian party leader CN Annadurai the then Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu announced in the State assembly that Tamil Nadu would follow only the two-language policy Tamil and English. Also, in the year 1986 the AIADMK founder MG Ramachandran the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu passed an assembly resolution that talks about reinforcing the two-language policy.

What does the NEP 2020 states?

In a 60 page long New Education Policy which follow 5+3+3+4 mode the policy advocates three language policy promoting multilingualism. The policy sates that, the child will learn in his or her mother tongue till class five, upon which Hindi and English along with the native language will be used to teach the curriculum. However, the policy states there will be a greater flexibility in the three- language formula. There won’t be any forced action on any of the states. Further, the new policy states that the three languages learned by children will completely be the choices of states, regions, and of course the students themselves, provided at least two of the language are native to India.