TCS en route to become world’s second biggest tech employer

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is very close to becoming world’s second biggest tech employer. Currently, with over 3 lakh employees, it has already become the world’s 3rd largest employer in the technology sector. Considering the pace at which it is expanding, it could become the second largest employer by the end of 2014, overtaking Hewlett-Packard, and would be fast closing in on leader IBM.

TCS has been India’s one of the biggest job creators in recent years. On an average, the number of employees in TCS is rising each year by between 25,000 and 35,000. In fiscal 2013-14, the $13.4-billion Tata Group company hired 61,200 people, with the net addition being 24,268, brushing aside those who left the company. As per the company, it will hire 55,000 people in 2014. If the net addition is half of that, it will be significantly ahead of HP’s number by the end of fiscal 2014-15. Among Indian IT companies, Infosys is almost 50% of TCS with 1.6 lakh employees.



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