THE World University Ranking 2021: No Indian University in top 300

On September 2, 2020, the Times Higher Education announced the results of World University Rankings, 2021.

Highlights: India

In the 2021 ranking, India has recorded its highest ever number of universities to qualify Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021. However, none of Indian Universities could make it to top 300. Around 63 universities from India have qualified for the ranking. This year 14 more universities have qualified as compared to that of the 2020 ranking. It is the highest jump by any country in south Asian region.

Highlights: World

The University of Oxford was at the top position followed by Stanford University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The United States was the most represented country with 59 entries in the top 200. It was followed by UK with 29, Germany with 21.

China’s Tsinghua University was the first Asian university to make it to top 20.

About the ranking

The ranking assessed the performance of 1527 higher education institutes from 93 countries. The institutes were assessed on several parameters such as research, knowledge, international outlook, transfer and teaching.


The UK universities retain the top spot for the fifth consecutive year. However, progress was inevitable in Asian Universities. The US also sees the upcoming Asian Universities as main challenge. 50% of the top 20 performing US Universities failed to maintain their position.

Asia factor

The growth in quality education in Asia and the improvement of rankings of Asian Universities is dominated by China. The rise of Chinese Universities have been accredited by the tanking. Since 2016, the Chinese mainland has gained five additional places in the top 200. Also, the representation of Chinese Universities in the top 100 have been doubled. Of the seven Chinese Universities that achieved the top 200 places in 2020, 85% of them have improved their position in 2021.