Tiger population improves in Uttar Pradesh

The number of tigers Uttar Pradesh has improved in the core area of Dudhwa tiger reserve. The initial figures for two years, 2011 to 2013, have shown 72 to 80 tigers in the core area of the reserve.

As per tiger census 2010-11, there were 118 tigers in Dudhwa reserve. In all, 72 to 80 tigers have been estimated in these areas. Once figures for Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary, North and South kheri forest division come, tiger numbers might increase up to 125.  

UP has a major tiger population in Dudhwa tiger reserve comprising Dudhwa National Park (680 sq km), Kishenpur Sanctuary (204 sq km) and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary (440 sq km); Pilibhit (720 sq km); North Kheri (350 sq km) and South Kheri (460 sq km).

Bijnor forests in west and Suhelwa (Gonda-Bahraich) and Sohagibarwa wildlife sanctuaries (Maharajganj) in east have smaller tiger populations.



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