UK becomes 1st country to legalise creation babies using DNA three-person

United Kingdom has become the first country to legalise the creation of three-parent IVF designer babies using Mitochondrial Donation Technique.

In this regard, House of Lords has voted in voted in favour of the Bill that amends the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (HFEA), 1990. Earlier on 3 February 2015, House of Commons had passed the bill.

Now UK’s fertility regulator Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will decide how to license the procedure to prevent babies inheriting deadly genetic diseases. After legalisation and final procedural nod from HFEA, the first baby may be born as early as 2016.


  • This law will help to prevent serious inherited diseases that are being passed on from mother to child.
  • It will also help to remove the hereditary problems related to defective mitochondrial diseases that has passed down through the generations.
  • Now in United Kingdom, women with hereditary mitochondrial diseases will be able to give birth to healthy babies without transferring their hereditary diseases.

Advantages Mitochondrial Donation Technique

  • It does not allow passage of defective mitochondria from mother to babies.
  • Thus, preventing new born babies from dangerous diseases related brain damage, muscle wasting, heart failure and blindness due to defective mitochondria.



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