Union Government constitutes Ashok Dalwai committee for doubling farmers’ income by 2022

The Union Government has recently constituted 8-member inter-ministerial committee to prepare a blueprint for doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

The committee will be headed by Ashok Dalwai, Additional secretary at the Union Agriculture Ministry and is expected to submit the report in two months.

Its members will include officials from Agriculture and Food Ministries, experts from the Delhi-based National Council of Applied Economic Research and National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research.

Terms of reference of the Committee

  • Prepare plan to shift farm policies to income based from current production-oriented. Identify potential areas of agriculture where more investment should happen.
  • Suggest ways to reduce the risk of farming by diversifying to horticulture and allied activities like livestock and fisheries to boost income.
  • Suggest measures for reducing the cost of cultivation and addressing unpredictability of weather and price fluctuations in farm sector.


  • In the Union Budget 2016-17, Government had announced to double farm incomes by 2022. To follow up its budget announcement, Government decided to set up the committee.
  • Union Government is focusing on increasing crop yields and reducing the cost of cultivation in order to increase the net income of farmers.
  • For this purpose, Government had launched various schemes related to agriculture sector to bring down the cost of cultivation.



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  • Bharati Maradi

    Excellent, keep up the good work, sure committee will achieve economies of scale.

  • Yerriswamy R M

    farmers are back bone of this country and any value addition to their standard of living would increase the productivity in agriculture sir.

  • Udayakumar Kollimath

    The committee appointed by Government is a very important step to address the issues of farmers. The sector now needs disruptive innovation other than the ones normally proposed by so called university based scientific institutions who no doubt have contributed until recently to improve the yields. But around the world the thrust is just not quantity of food grains but the quality too. It is perhaps at this juncture the committee should go out of the way and identify institutions who have been advocating different farming practices that are sustainable and less damage to environment. However, I saw this just today. By this time the Ashok Dalwai committee might have submitted its report. I have not seen that. But I believe he has submitted a comprehensive report that will help the government to find new tools solve the problems faced by the farmers.

  • Subhashchandra S Patil MSc(agri.)

    Ashok Dalwai was my collegemate in Agri. College , Dharwad I am sure he will do the best for Agriculture Development in India .