Union Government launches Sahaj Scheme for online booking of LPG cylinders

Union Government has launched Sahaj Scheme for online booking of LPG cylinders.

It was launched by Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas (Independent Charge) Dharmendra Pradhan as part of Government’s 2016-Year of the Consumers initiative.

Features of Scheme

  • Consumers can book LPG cylinders online through the unified web portal www.mylpg.in which is available in 13 languages.
  • People can apply online for new LPG connection and they need not visit to the LPG distributors for it.
  • This facility is available around the clock and with online or offline payment options. LPG cylinders will be delivered at home even in their absence.

Union government has decided to target of adding 10 crore new LPG connections by December 2018 to present 16.5 crore connections. For this government has planned to ease the process of LPG refills and new connections and few of them are



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    This topic had a question in TNPSC .
    EXAM NAME:-TNPSC Group 2A CCSE Group II Non Interview Exam.
    HELD ON:-24 Jan
    QUESTION NO:- 101
    Which of folowing statements on SAHAJ scheme is/are correct?
    (1) SAHAJ will enable customers to post online request for a new LPG connection.
    (2) It was launched by the Finance Ministry.
    (3) Initially the scheme was launched in 22 cities across the country.

    (A) (1) only (B) (1) & (2) only
    (C) (2) & (3) only (D) (1) & (3) only

    ANSWER: (A) (1) only