Union Ministry of Science & Technology announces “KIRAN” scheme for Women Scientists

The Union Ministry of Science & Technology also announced KIRAN (Knowledge, Involvement, Research, Advancement through Nurturing) for women scientists – A unique advertising scheme to bring about, as far as possible, gender equality in the field of science and technology.


  1. To increase the number of women researchers in India.
  2. Provide Research grants particularly to those female researchers and technologists who had to take a break in career owing to household reasons.
  3. Bring about, as far as achievable, gender parity in the field of science and technology.

The scholarships will be provided under three categories-

  1. For those women linked in research work in basic or applied sciences with any central or state level organization or university
  2. For those women scientists involved in research and application of innovative solutions for several social problems
  3. For those researchers who are self-employed.

Under the scheme, the Union Ministry of Science & Technology will build leadership positions for women. Such a scheme would be beneficial for women who face unavoidable interruptions in their careers owing to numerous reasons.


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