US, NATO Ceremonially End Afghan Combat Mission

United States (US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) have ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan.

This mission comes to an end after 13 years of September 11 terror attacks that sparked their invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban-led Government and fight against terrorism.

NATO formally ended its deployment after its International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, which was in charge of combat operations, lowered its flag. This ceremony was the first of two that will draw a formal close to NATO’s combat mission by December 28, 2014.

Future plans of US and NATO

  • Now US and NATO coalition will only provide training and support role for Afghanistan’s own security forces, which have led the fight against the Taliban insurgents since mid-2013.
  • From January 1, the coalition will maintain a force of 13,000 troops in Afghanistan. In 2011, there were around 140,000 coalition troops.
  • Up to 10,800 US troops will remain in Afghanistan for the first three months of 2015.
  • By the end of 2015, US will reduce it troop to 5,500. Entire US troop will be called back by 2016.



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