Uttarakhand to set up Special Tiger Force for Corbett Tiger Reserve

Uttarakhand Government has decided to for Special Tiger Force for Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR). This decision was taken by State Cabinet meeting. The force will have 85 posts and will help serve as the much needed second layer of protection for the big cat.

About Special Tiger Force (STPF)

It will be effective in checking illegal human intrusion into the reserve through villages located on its fringes and serve as a second layer of protection for tigers at the CTR. The decision is in line with Central Government’s guidelines for providing three-tier protection to tigers at reserves. It will help in conserving the population of 250 tigers at the reserve. It will be deployed at maximum on extremely sensitive southern fringe of reserve bordering Uttar Pradesh through which criminal elements keep trying to intrude into reserve areas. Illegal intruders from fringe areas have been behind poaching incidents in the reserve in the past.

Three-tier protection to tigers at reserves

1st layer of protection: It is provided in the inner range by beat level forest guards through regular patrols.

2nd layer of protection: It is provided by STPF.

3rd layer of protection: it comes from intelligence-gathering mechanisms in which forest, police and central intelligence agency personnel work together to prevent crimes like the poaching of tigers.

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