Vajra Prahar: India-USA joint military exercise commences in Jaipur

India, US Joint Special Forces Exercise 2018 named Vajra Prahar commenced at Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR), Bikaner in Rajasthan. The exercise was called between Special Forces of both countries to deal with operations for counter-terrorism and is being done at unit as well as sub-unit levels.

Key Facts

For this exercise, US Army is represented by contingent of one officer and 10 Other Ranks from Special Forces Group of United States Pacific Command. They will carry out 12 days rigorous joint training in semi desert and rural terrain with aim to enhance inter-operability of the two armed forces and further military to military co-operation.

The contingents of both countries in this exercise, will train on aspects such as hostage rescue, building intervention, desert survival, medical aid and combat firing. At the end of training, they will undertake a three-day outdoor exercise to validate their best practices.

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  • Gary Zaetz

    It’s outrageous that the US military consents to holding joint exercises like Vajra Prahar 2018 with the Indian Government while the Indian Government continues to impose draconian restrictions on operations to recover US war dead in India ! The US military leaders who are turning a blind eye toward the Indian Government’s abuse of the rights of the families of these men should be ashamed of themselves!