World Children’s Prize (Children’s Nobel Prize) Nominees 2014: Malala, John Wood and Indira Ranamagar

Screenshot_13For the 2014 World’s Children’s Prize, Pakistani teenage rights activist Malala Yousafzai, John Wood from the USA and Nepalese child rights worker Indira Ranamagar are nominated for an award also known as the “Children’s Nobel Prize”.

  • Ms. Malala Yousafzai nominated for her courageous and dangerous fight for girls’ right to education. She started to speak out for girls’ rights at the age of 11, when the Taliban banned girls from going to school in the SwatValley in Pakistan.
  • Mr. John Wood nominated for his 15-year fight for children’s right to education. John quit his job as a manager at the Microsoft company to fulfil his dream: to fight poverty by giving children all over the world the chance to go to school.
  • Ms. Indira Ramanagar nominated for her 20-year struggle for prisoners’ children in Nepal. She has built up an organisation called Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA), which has rescued over a thousand children from cramped, dirty prisons. 
Indira Ramanagar and Prisoners Assistance:
  • Run three children‘s homes, two schools, and youth programs on organic agriculture, arts and crafts, and more.
  • Support girls in villages to enable them to go to school. They are also given bikes, since they often have a long journey to get to school.
  • Search for relatives and support them to take care of the children.
  • Make sure that children get a chance to visit their parents in prison.
  • Run programs allowing children to go to school during the day and stay with their mothers in prison at night. They also educate mothers in prison up to Year 5 level and give them vocational training.
  • Support prisoners who have been released, so that they can be reunited with their children.
  • Speak out for the weakest in society and fight for prisoners – especially women and their children – to be treated in a fair and humane way.
About World’s Children’s Prize (WCP)

Also known as the Children’s Nobel Prize
The world’s largest annual educational program teaching young people about the rights of the child, democracy and global friendship.
Vision: A world where the rights of the child are universally respected and where every new generation grows up as humane global citizens.
Mission: To catalyze the growth and development of a more humane global community through an integrated global educational program, engaging a growing number of children throughout the world.
The award programme, launched in 2000, is supported by 60,000 schools with 29.3 million students in 109 countries and over 600 organisations.
Every year, three Child Rights Heroes are selected by the WCP Child Jury to be candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.
The annual program concludes with a “Global Vote”, where children work together to choose their Child Rights Hero. “Global Vote Days” are held in schools around the world like a democratic election.
The WCP Foundation is regulated by the Svensk Insamlingskontroll (Swedish Fundraising Control), which protects the interests of donors and ensures that the funds raised are used appropriately.



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