World’s First Reusable PPE Kits with Triple Viral Shield Technology launched

Indian Manufacturing Company- Loyal Textile Mills on 9th July 2020 launched the first of its kind in the world- reusable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kits. Along with reusable PPE kits, reusable garments and face masks with zero virus penetration were also unveiled by Loyal Textile Mills.

The reusable masks, garments, and PPE Kits was launched by Loyal Textile Mills with collaborating with Reliance Industries Limited and Switzerland based textile innovation company- HeiQ Materials AG.

The 3 products will be available in the market under the brand ‘Supera Shield’ of Loyal Textile Mills.

Triple Viral Shield Technology of the Reusable Masks, Garments and PPE Kits

  1. The reusable masks, garments, and PPE kits are made with the Viroblock Technology of HeiQ Materials AG.
  2. The fiber used for making the reusable masks, garments, and PPE kits was ‘R ELAN Fibre’ of Reliance Industries Limited. R ELAN Fiber inhibits bacterial and viral growth.
  3. Viral Barrier PU film Lamination: The fabric in the reusable mask and PPE kit has been engineered with viral barrier PU film lamination imported from the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Number of Times Reusable

As per Loyal Textile Mills, the garments and masks can be washed for up to 25 times for reuse while the PPE kit can be washed up to 10 times for reuse.